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Application, Accepting
and Registration Guide
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a) The original of the high school diploma and its Turkish translation approved by a notary or Turkish foreign representative offices.

b) Candidates' high school diplomas are equivalent to those obtained from Turkish high schools and T.C. The Ministry of Education (Education Attaché) or the Turkey Embassy in their country (Education Counselor) will be 'Equivalence Certificate of fact, (students are asked upon arriving at registration.)

c) Foreign Language Proficiency Certificate, if any,

d) Turkish Proficiency Certificate, if any,

e) Certified Turkish copy of the learning visa to be obtained from foreign representative offices,

f) Authenticated identity of passport or official authorities or T.C. Turkish sample approved by the Embassy or Consulate,

g) Bank receipt showing that the contribution fee / tuition fee has been deposited (The contribution fee to be taken from the normal education students determined by the Council of Ministers and the education fee is determined as 3 times.)

h) Photograph (4),

i) Candidates on the amount that can provide them to continue their education in college income to the owners is that official or notarized documents or undertaking (Higher Education All to continue our university foreign students, administrative departments or are required to document their consulates in Turkey in the country that is appropriate for the learning of the financial situation. necessary about it the amount of financial security is announced on the web page of the International Student Coordination Office of our university, together with other conditions every year).

j) T.C. The candidates who are nationals ID number declaration or ID Card copy

k) T.C. a document approved by the official authorities regarding the military status of male candidates,

l) The original GCE AL exam result of TRNC citizens who complete their secondary education in TRNC high schools,

m) A copy of the residence permit (It is obligatory for the foreign candidates who are obliged to apply to the Police authorities after registration and obtain a residence permit, to submit a copy of the residence permit.)