A Conference on Cancer Has Been Given to the Female Personnel at Our University

A presentation has been organized at our university for the purpose of raising awareness on cancer scannings and the importance of early diagnosis. The presentation has been organized by the Provincial Directorate of Health and presented by Dr. Ezgi Derviş in the Conference Room at the Vocational School of Higher Education, Munzur University. The objective of the presentation was to create awareness in female personnel who are 30 to 65 years old on the importance of cancer scannings and early diagnosis. The audience has been informed about such issues as the syndromes of cancer, what age group of females should attend scanning programs, how they can do it and the activities of KETEM(Center for Early Cancer Scanning and Education). Dr. Emre Kayapınar pointed out that 4th Center for Family Health provides a free ride at 13.00 every Monday for those who want to go to KETEM to have themselves scanned.