Rector of Munzur University, Prof. Ubeyde İpek was born in Diyarbakır on April 28, 1972. After completing his primary, secondary and high school education, he graduated from the Department of Environmental Engineering in the Engineering Faculty at Fırat University in 1994. Prof. Ubeyde İpek also pursued his Master’s and PhD degrees at Fırat University. He was promoted to associate professorship in 2005 and full professorship in 2011. Some of his previous administrative duties include the Presidency of the Fırat University Department of Environmental Sciences, the member of the board of the Fırat University Engineering Faculty, the member of the board of the Fırat University Scientific Research Project (SRP), the member of the senate and the board of Fırat University, the Dean of the Fırat University Faculty of Architecture. He also worked as a consultant to the Union of Municipalities and as a deputy minister in the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Since April 4 2015, he continues his services as the Rector of Munzur University. He has a very good command of the English language. He has one child.